UX Personal Redesign: Part Two

Recap of Part One

Part one of my project consisted of user research. My goal was to discover user motivations and pain points when purchasing food online. After affinity mapping the data I collected, I discovered three themes Customizations, Convenience, and Communication. From here, I came up with a list of MVPs, later followed by sketched low fidelity wireframes.


  1. Live Chat with the restaurant
  2. Order status tracker
  3. Customizations list

Mid Fidelity Wireframes

During usability testing, the participant was instructed to open a live chat with the restaurant. The participant clicked on the hamburger menu. He hesitated and then clicked on the “Home” button. After the test, I asked him what influenced that decision. He stated that he was not sure that he had to start a live chat regarding the order specifically, or else he would’ve clicked on “My orders.”

Mood Board

For my mood board, I wanted to put together pictures that had colors that reminded me of the inside of a pizzeria. These pictures were also chosen to recreate the mood of someone who was making the choice of ordering a pizza for delivery.

Style Guide

The colors for my high fidelity wireframes were pulled out from colors seen on the mood board. I really wanted to recreate that feel of a pizzeria.

High Fidelity Prototypes

The part I was so frightened yet excited for, had finally come. It was time to create my high fidelity prototypes.

Taking in to consideration what I learned during usability testing, I wanted to avoid any further confusion so I decided to change the location of the live chat/order tracker. I removed the hamburger menu and replaced it with a “home” icon. I placed the option to view order details on the same screen as the order confirmation. This way, instead of having to open the hamburger menu and look for “My orders,” users could easily check the order details as soon as they submitted the order.

The usability testing for my high fidelity went smoothly. There were no errors. The participant was able to easily click through the app and follow the instructions that were given.


I started off this project nervous, thinking what will I, someone who had never used Figma before, possibly be able to create. I am now more confident that I will be able to create beautiful things in the future. (Beautiful things tied to a ton of research of course).